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The results of Composite bonding are immediate and often dramatic! 

Tooth bonding, also known as direct composite, is one of the most popular and predictable forms of cosmetic dentistry we provide. Utilizing state-of-the-art materials, carefully matched for proper color and strength, we can dramatically change the appearance of chipped, worn or discolored teeth. Composite bonding is a tooth colored material chosen to match the unique color and shade or your teeth. Dr. Zelby's keen aesthetic eye ensures that patients' treated teeth are virtually indistinguishable from their surrounding natural teeth.The procedure for bonding is simple and is generally performed without the use of anesthesia.

The lifetime of composite bonding is 8-10 years. Lifestyle choices such as drinking, smoking, or over use can affect the lifespan of your bondings.

A few months before my wedding I began thinking about my smile and how I would look in "The Wedding Photos."

It was a pretty scary thought! I had a friend who recommended I visit Dr. Zelby. She had her teeth whitened with the in office treatment, "Zoom." It was amazing! After my consultation I choose to have the Zoom Power Whitening and Dr. Zelby recommended that I have one of my front teeth bonded. It was easy and I was thrilled. Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry really lived up to my expectation. My smile "glows" in my wedding photos!