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Dentures, partial and full, are a removable option for replacement of lost or missing teeth.

We have all heard of "dentures," or removable teeth replacements, designed to improve smiles without sacrificing eating, speaking and chewing abilities. In the past, dentures have carried a negative stigma, mainly because they are bulky, difficult to maintain and were often too obvious. At Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry of Atlanta our dentures are custom made using the most modern techniques. Tooth replacement technology has revoluntized in the past few years.  Our patients have several options to choose from and Dr. Zelby will careful explain to you all of your choices and recommend the optimum plan for you.  With our team of experts you you can put to rest the notion that dentures are antiquated and only for aging people.

Our dentures are custom crafted to fit as seamlessly as possible into your mouth for a very natural enamel replacement. Choose from a complete set of dentures, which replace all teeth, or a partial set, which replace a portion of your natural teeth. With today's materials, design technology dentures can look, feel and function very similar to regular teeth. Our patients whose only alternative may be dentures, have been amazed with the results!

Worried about the cost of your new denturres?  Have we got something for you to smile about.  Our treatment care specialist have carefully researched dental health care credit plans.  Upon approval we are able to offer you low interest or no interest financial plans designed to fit your budget.  Call today and our finance coordinator will explain your credit options and work with you to find the right plan.  Of course, we will be happy to file your insurance and partner with you to get the maximum benefits your dental insurance plan offers.

Our dentures are made to last and be comfortable.  Dr. Zelby and our reconstructive dental team will work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure you are completely happy with your new smile.  

My new dentures are fantastic. The fit, the feel and the bite are tremendous.

You've definitely worked magic with the titanium inserts on the molars.  Had a thick, juicy steak last night and chewed like I haven't chewed since I was a kid!

The difference is amazing. Thanks for all your help and consideration. I even bit into hard candy! What a difference.

Now one last request, don't retire!.......EVER!!!!!

All the best,