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Oral cancer is the sixth most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States and has a five year survival rate of only 50%.

Risk factors of oral cancer include age, tobacco use, alcohol consumption, sun exposure, sexually transmitted viruses, and diet. An oral cancer screening is provided during each complete oral exam. However, by the time oral cancer is detectable by a lesion in the mouth it has progressed a good deal. Recent advances in dental technology have produced supplemental oral cancer screening devices performed in office.

We are pleased to offer our patients oral cancer screening with VELscope technology for a minimal charge. The VELscope screening is painless. There is no swishing with a vinegar-tasting solution and no irritating pricks. The VELscope uses a filtered UV light that indicates areas that may be precancerous, cancerous or benign. Studies have shown the VELscope can accurately and painlessly reveal tiny precancerous areas before they are clinically visible. If a suspicious area is noted the proper follow up procedures will be recommended.