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With Anxiety-free dentistry you can regain your health and have the fabulous smileyou always wanted!

Anxiety-Free Dentistry. . . . . . . a reason to dream!

Most people can manage dental treatment with little more than slight anxiety. For some people, going to the dentist is a lot more difficult. If you have ever avoided getting much needed dental care out of fear or anxiety, or if the thought of going to the dentist makes you anxious or nervous, then we have the right option for you! Dr. David Zelby is a certified sedation dentist.

This procedure is commonly called "Sleep Dentistry," "Painless Dentistry," or "Oral Sedation." Whether it's a broken tooth that needs to be fixed, yellow teeth that need to be whitened, missing teeth that need to be replaced, or pain that needs to be eliminated, with Anxiety-Free Dentistry you can regain your health and have the fabulous smile you always wanted.

Here's how it works:

Welcoming Visit
During your initial consultation we will gather information regarding your health and discuss with you any dental problems or needs you have. If you're comfortable, we'll take x-rays and look in your mouth. You will never be judged or embarrassed.

Preparing for your visit.
Dr. Zelby will prescribe a sedative to take the night before your first appointment to guarantee a good night's sleep and to make sure you wake up relaxed.

Arriving for Treatment.
Your companion will bring you to the office. Additional medications will be provided to create the ultimate in relaxation. Your experienced sedation team will monitor you throughout your experienced sedation team will monitor you throughout your entire visit.

Going home with your new smile. Your companion will take you home and stay with you until you're completely recovered from your sedation medication.